Ghana to construct first Spaceship Research Centre in Africa

The first Spaceship Research Centre in Africa is to be constructed and hosted in Ghana at the Atomic Energy Commission enclave at Haatso in Accra, according to Ghanaian reports.


Ghana pioneering space research in Africa

US$21 million is slated to be spent on the project and expected to provide job opportunities and high-earned skilled technologists and scientists.

JOY ONLINE report says the project was agreed upon at a preliminary meeting at the Mövenpick (Ambassador) Hotel earlier in May, 2017.

KESHE Foundation Ghana, a worldwide non-profit organization in Spaceship Technology is partnering BONADES Limited, a Ghanaian-owned Construction Engineering Management (CEM) company for the development and construction of the Spaceship Research Centre in Ghana.

The October 2016 joint conference between Keshe Foundation and GAEC. Photo credit CITI ONLINE

The KESHE Spaceship Research Centre construction is expected to start this summer at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission enclave located at Haatso, Accra.

GAEC collaborates to form Keshe Foundation Ghana

In October 2016, following the conference organized by the Kesh Foundation International, in collaboration with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) and subsequent meetings, led to formation of Keshe Foundation Ghana, a Ghanaian registered company jointly owned by the two organizations.

Keshe, said the collaboration between his Foundation and the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission meant a lot to the health needs of Ghanaians.

During the conference, the Director General of the GAEC, Professor Benjamin J.B. Nyarko, said Science and Technology have become the principal agents of social and economic change, and as such, more support is needed to enable positive impact on society.


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