Supermodel Naomi Campbell empowering girls through sport in Senegal

Naomi Campell @ Seed Project Hoop Forum 2019. Photo credit: APO

Supermodel Naomi Campbell attended the SEED Project Hoop Forum on Wednesday to encourage female basketball players to keep working on their skills.

SEED’s mission is helping girls in Senegal in education and economic advancement, using sport as a springboard.

She said about her involvement with the charity drive online, Naomi wrote that she felt ‘so much joy’ appearing in Senegal on their behalf.

“I absolutely love what #TheSEEDProject is doing, and the discussion they’re driving within the community; to empower young African people to realize their potential for education and leadership,” she wrote.

“I feel this is a conversation to be heard around the world, which is why I’m so honored to be involved with SEED’s initiative.”

Campbell said the basis and manifesto of the SEED Project – as an International non-governmental organization that uses sport as a mechanism to identify, cultivate and educate future leaders.