By P.M. Kamara

The problem about Africa; Salone as a case study; is that we like to imitate others; especially the West. We are told to do this or that; and end up doing nothing. We are led by the nose, cap-in-hand; always begging for more. The most pathetic is that; these leaders: bleed their people white; kill and suppress for power to rule in perpetuity; all in the name of tyranny and despotism; but the West and the rest laugh and glee at them; as big jokers. Museveni is l’etat c’est moi; the sun king of Uganda; who takes relish to terrorize the opposition; kill peaceful protesters; like wanton flies; who merely seek or desire; to speak out for freedom and justice and good governance; or seek better governance tools; or alternatives. So many of them in Africa; from Eritrea to Rwanda to Egypt; to Burundi, Tanzania; down to Salone. Not one single African leader; apart maybe the glimpses from Nkrumah, Sankara to Mandela; or Paul Kagame; that have shown a certain latitude; towards either good governance or national development; but above all; are independent-minded.

African leaders cannot think for themselves; or out of the box as they say; but are led like lost sheep to the slaughter; to whimper and squeal; to the tantrums, whims and caprices; of the big powers; allowed to exploit at will; mortgage the state to all sorts of foreign wheeler-dealers; while they rape; and loot state coffers; impoverish their people; brutalize and kill them: in the bargain. The more they wipe out their debts; the more they plunge deeper into debt. They take killer loans from China; the IMF, World Bank; to further enslave and impoverish their people.

A debtor is a perpetual beggar; and a beggar is a slave to be told: to do this or that; and must totter to the dictates of the giver. These leaders cannot claim to had gained independence; bcos they are not independent-minded. In the UN; African leaders are least considered; and the big powers never agree. When China and Russia is on one side; the US and the West take the other side. So China can do whatever it wants in Hong Kong, Tibet or to the Uhguir people; allegedly in concentration camps; while the rest of mankind sit and watch; and lip-service merely paid; by the so-called icons of world democracy; while people suffer grotesque and unbearable persecutions.

The next step for China; is the imminent invasion of Taiwan; and America and EU could or might do little; or nothing about it; just as China intensify claims to disputed territories with her neighbours: The Philipines, Japan, Singapore etc. China can tell the world not to recognise Taiwan as a sovereign state; and the West and the rest; especially African leaders would kow-tow; in order to avoid punitive economic sanctions; or risk forfeit Chinese loans.

Kroo Bay is a slum in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown. Roughly 7,000 people live on the densely populated 50-acre area with no access to electricity, running water or sewage system. Harsh living conditions like these often lead to child neglect, violent abuse or sexual exploitation. [Olivia Acland/Al Jazeera]

I endorse the stance of Australia; not to be bullied into submission; for simply saying; that Chinese labs must be re-visited; so as to trace the source; or origins of the corona virus; despite punitive economic sanctions; levied against the Aussies by China. Lately, the WHO; raised concerns over China’s refusal; to open certain labs to proper scrutiny. In short, while the UN would never agree on what democracy is or should be; they cannot counter impactfully; ideologies of suppressive regimes; like Myanmar, Russia, China, Burundi, Eritrea etc; while human suffering mounts and people of all colours; flee their ruined countries at great personal risk; due to factors like: climate change, poverty, hunger, starvation; drought, mis-governance; corruption, conflicts, human trafficking; to the human factor of leaders; due to incompetence, greed and  the avarice of suppressive, morally bankrupt; and callous African dictators; under the guise of fake democrats.

Why is it that African leaders; are tied to the apron string of ideological powers; who actually don’t give a damn; if Africa burns; whether the East or West; for all share the same mentality; to keep the black man in perpetual mental slavery; just like during the slave trade, colonialism, imperialism, neo-colonialism; and the like. Imagine a time; when African babies; are fed to hounds and hunting dogs in Europe and America; sold and packed like sardines in ships; the indescribable agony and pain; across the Atlantic; and tortuous desert; by Arabs for a fortune. Or put in cages in French zoos; for white kids and folks; to catch glimpse of the human ape. Sold naked like animals; in open American pens; or being mated for stronger breeds for farm labour; lynched, burnt; killed at-will; like wanton flies. Yet, African leaders would never learn; from our dark and brutal past; and inhumane treatment meted to our ancestors. Instead; they take relish to be modern slave drivers; to enslave their populace; into mental slavery and total deprecation; while they store; millions of ill-gotten dollars in western banks.  Like the Abachas; as so many other Nigerian state looters; same as in other African countries. Nigeria with all the oil wealth; still can’t afford constant and steady light or refinery; while the country is now torn asunder; while the people perish; in bitter lamentations. So what good lessons can South Africa; or Nigeria teach the rest of the continent; if not to paint our leaders in gloomy colours; as traitors to the African continent; and it’s people. For what does it profit a man; if you gain the whole world; but lose your soul? And to pauperise your people; when you can’t take; a single dime to the grave!

See the recent events in South Africa; the looting that can be clearly identified; mainly by angry, desperate; and disgruntled black youths; bcos after Mandela; Mbeki, Zuma’s million-dollar mansion ( who like Mbeki did not treat Hiv-Aids seriously); to millionnaire Ramaophosa; seem to care less to improve the wretched lives of their people; but rather their pockets. The same as in America; with blacks even when fighting for a just cause; soon degenerates to wanton looting. Africa; and the conduct of our African leaders; is a big shame and disgrace; that leaves much to be desired.

African leaders  like most world leaders; ruled not to make a better life for their people; but to suppress, loot and mis-govern them in perpetuity. The fact is that; leaders don’t rule in the fear of God; or to govern their people in truth. But what is truth; if half of America’s populace; still cling firmly to the lie; that Trump won the American elections; to the extent; the State Capitol was ransacked; and the lives of senators and other house members put in the balance. To this very moment; most Republicans still believe; that the elections were rigged to favour the Democrats-even in their own very strongholds; to the extent that Republican-held states; are now enacting Jim Crow laws; to suppress mainly black and minority votes. What type of democracy then; can we learn from a country that prides itself; as the beacon of world democracy? What too can we learn from China and Russia; where freedom, liberty and equality; are anathema to such monolithic systems? African leaders are thus caught; between the Devil and the deep blue sea; simply because of lack of pride, miseducation; unbridled power, greed and avarice; and display; shameless exhibitionism.

Children wait for food distribution at an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Bunia, Ituri province, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, April 12, 2018. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic – RC1AF66091D0

African leaders don’t put God first in leadership. It is like doomsday; everybody for himself and God for us all. To Salone now; a land once said to be flowing with milk and honey; the Athens of West Africa; that became an ill-run Sparta. The misfortunes of Mama Salone can be overturned; if endowed with a God-fearing leader sent by God. As both former British High Commissioner, Derek Alan Patridge and a Ghanaian ambassador noted; that only God can save Salone; which I fully endorsed; just like NRM revolutionaries; for God and Country. However, Salone is ruled by the dictates of Satanism; as politicians dabble in all sorts of occultic rituals; which APC dubbed; agba satani, bone to bone, pass ar die politics; a practice also equally toted; by the SLPP.

Both parties are thus labelled; Alhassan and Alusine; the two destructive siamese twins; responsible for the dog eat dog, usai den tie cow, Bailor Barrie evil ideology. But Salone does not need an ideology; from the East or West. All Salone needs; especially the APC at this crucial time; is a God-fearing leader; who is both patriotic; and visionary.

A God-fearing leader puts God first in all that he does; bcos God is not an ideologue; torn between West and East ideologies; between communism; and capitalism; or be cribb’d and cabbin’d within the narrow, suffocating corridors of; this you can, that you can’t; this you should; that you shouldn’t. The ideology of God is the Truth; to have a good heart; and to love all, hate none; for all nations and people; created in the likeness and image of God. So should I hate China; if the West or America say so; or verse versa? Ideology should not overcome the fear of God; righteousness; and love for humanity; justice and freedom. China, America or Russia; do not actually qualify as ideal candidates of truth or that love and humanity; the world so needs; that love and equality; that comes from God; which is spiritual. Infact, some countries don’t believe; in the existence of God. They suppress and oppress the truth; and nothing so glaring as in the last American elections; or China’s non-tolerance to free speech and demonstrations; or Russia’s attack on the opposition and it’s leader Navalny; to the extent of poisoning so-called dissidents; or enemies of Russia; living in exile in other foreign countries.

Joe Biden seems to me a nice and decent chap; a true Catholic; who lives and respects the truth; a leader by example; a unifier; consensus-builder; humane, humble; a man of impeccable character; and integrity. Donald Trump is totally the opposite; a diabolical and inverterate liar; dishonest, blackmailer; a misogynist; satanic, criminal; a racist: both in nature and action. Republicans normally reverse; or overturn key Democratic reforms; same also for Democrats. America is a country where one can die at anytime; without notice, reason or warning; a place where people are killed at random; with absolutely no gun control; and among the dangerous countries in the world; and many find it unsafe; and are terrified to live in America. Such a system is too unpredictable; for African leaders to follow headlong; even though it is still a better system as compared to China and Russia.

That is why what Salone needs at this crucial time in it’s chequered history; is a leader that respects the truth; God-fearing; unifier, incorruptible, of strong convictions; sacrifice self for others ie selfless; untainted; of proven ability; and above all: patriotic. Only such a leader can defeat Paopanista; to clinch 2023 for the APC.


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