By Isaac Unisa Kanata.

Sierra Leone has received a consignment of 200,000 Sino-Pharm covid-19 vaccines and 201,600 pieces of disposable needles and syringes from the People’s Republic of China.

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation in a press release on 25th February,2021 acknowledges the donation, describing it as a goodwill gesture that reaches the country where it is mostly needed.
The consignment was brought in a special chartered flight into the country and was followed by a handing over ceremony at the country’s international airport, Lungi.

The firstly batch of covid-19 vaccines from the People’s Republic of China to the people of Sierra Leone reflects the long time traditional friendship and deep mutual trust between the two countries said the release.

Further the Ministry of Health and Sanitation now is hopeful that the presence of the vaccines in the country opens a door way out of the pandemic and indicates China’s faith to be with Sierra Leone in thin and thick situations.

Sierra Leone Receives Covid-19 Vaccines.

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