By Isaac Unisa Kamara.

Faced with denials and traditional practices affecting government efforts to control the spread of covid-19, the National Covid-19 Response Center unveils 50 national ambassadors to engage the people nationwide to dispell false news and myth surrounding the spread of the virus.

Solomon Jamiru, spokesperson for the National Covid-19 Emergency Response Center (NeCOVERC), said during the unveiling at Cockerill North, Freetown, that the initiative is rolled out by the Risk Communication and Social Mobilization Pillar, with a purpose driven plan that will bring on-board active people into the fight,
Information and Communications Minister, Mohamed Raman Swaray told the Ambassadors to be of one mind in supporting Government’s commitment to win the fight.

“You shouldn’t compromise any situation of someone who shows symptoms of the virus, but rather do what is expected of you by making a prompt report,” the minister urged.

UNICEF Sierra Leone communications specialist, Tapuwa Mustseyekwe commended the initiative as one capable of playing an essential role that would raise awareness among communities in promoting preventive measures that will help fostering the desired changes in health behaviors.

“The pinpointed role of the Ambassadors should be to create and also share mere facts about the pandemic on different media outlets to discourage fake opinions,” he noted.
The Risk Communications and Social Mobilization Pillah of NaCOVERC works in partnership with UNICEF Sierra Leone to role out the venture.

Sierra Leone: (NeCOVERC) mounts efforts to debunk Covid-19 myth

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