By Alpha B. Kamara

Since the start of time civilization has struggled with all forms of viral diseases, yet adamant to adhere to  measures needed to control and prevent people from exposure.

The flu, common cold, respiratory syncytial virus infection, adenovirus infection, parainfluenza virus infection, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Ebola and now Covid-19 are indicative of a serious public health threat to the survival of humanity that needs international consensus for measures that will save humanity.

At no time is the world ready to witness what is unfolding in developed countries as Covid-19 ravages countries with high tolls of mortality.

At no time was the world expecting health sectors world over to struggle in coping with admissions to the point of creating quotas based on the probability of survival.

These are issues commonly associated with developing countries where health care facilities are substandard, unavailable or unaffordable.

But today, the world is faced with a new reality. That things that were once taken for granted are no longer what they are – and thus, a moment for a reality check by everyone in society so that we could take unified actions in achieving a common goal to control, prevent and stop all forms of viruses from causing any further carnage.

There was  the Avian Flu, then the Ebola, virus but then offhanded associated with geographical anecdotes and stigmatization of the people affected by some who blame the victims. Today, its crystal clear that viruses don’t care about boundaries, nations or race, but rather, to eliminate anyone exposed in its path of destruction.

According to the World Health Organization, “Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died.”

This is how dangerous viruses are if not contained on time. Thus the need for a new world view on our approach to public health issues and how vital are the decisions of world leaders in influencing the public view on public health issues. 

The spate of viruses and the level of carnage to economies means It’s high time world leaders come up with policies to address viral diseases. Now is the time. It is never too late to influence a change and together, we can make it.

World leaders should lead fight against viruses

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