Sierra Leone Prisons Director confirms death of 31 prison inmates

The director-general of Sierra Leone’s correctional center, Joseph Lamboi, said 30 inmates and one officer died as a result of the alleged Freetown prison riot of April 29th.

The massacre of the 30 inmates happened when the former minister of defense, Alfred Paolo Conteh, was incarcerated at Pademba Prisons on a treason charge.

Paolo Conteh::acquitted of treason charges

The director-general’s pronouncement to the media happens in the backdrop of the acquittal of the former minister of defense for all counts of treason.

On April 29, 2020, Paolo Conteh was in one of the prison cells when the sporadic gunfire took over the Pademba prisons in Freetown by alleged members of the President’s bodyguards.

“16 died of “blunt force injuries” and 12 others died of “gunshot wounds” when joint security forces used “lethal force” to quell the riot,” Lamboi said.

Government pathologist Dr. Owis Koroma said one of the victims was amputated as a result of gun shot wounds. Two died of other illnesses after the incident.

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