Madagascar: GIS-M urges candidates to respect scrupulously the prerogatives of the CENI and HCC

Members of the International Support Group Madagascar (GIS-M) has urged both candidates to respect scrupulously the prerogatives of the CENI and HCC for announcing the results of the election and to stick exclusively to legal channels for the resolution of any litigation or dispute.

Political candidates urged to respect electoral bodies .Photo credit: The Economist

Presidential elections were held in Madagascar on 7 November. A second round involving Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana was held on 19 December, both candidates declared themselves winners in the run-off which analysts warned was likely to draw claims of fraud.

The Group warned that the international community may have to take action as developments make necessary, reaffirmed the international community’s commitment to continue supporting the efforts of the Malagasy State, including on socioeconomic issues and governance in all its aspects, and based on the needs he has expressed and priorities it shall determine.

At the initiative of the African Union (AU), the GIS-M, as representatives of the international community as a whole, held a meeting in Antananarivo on 20 December 2018 to take stock of the developments in Madagascar following the 2nd round of the presidential election, and to agree on the modalities of the continued support of the international community.

The members noted with satisfaction the holding of the 2nd round of the presidential election, as scheduled, in conditions of transparency and regularity in the calm and peaceful manner throughout the territory and commended the Malagasy people for participating in the election and for the new democratic progress of the country.

Candidates and their supporters were also called upon to demonstrate a spirit of responsibility and commitment to the general interests of Madagascar and its people and to respect in all circumstances the laws and regulations and s’ refrain from any act that is likely to disrupt the current process or to cause disorders, and emphasized the special responsibility of the two candidates and their respective surroundings compared to the possible reaction of the population segments that support each of them and warn against any incitement, by commission or omission, has acts capable of undermining the security of persons and property.

The GIS-M agreed to continue to follow closely the developments of the situation and to undertake, towards the Malagasy parties of efforts to enforce them by the results of the presidential election as they have been established and set by the CENI and HCC and, in this context, agreed to continue to consult on the measures that may be needed to strengthen the authority of popular will as expressed December 19, 2018.

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