Sierra Leone: APC supporter raped in Kailahun

Reports from Ngynahum village, Kailahun district Eastern Sierra Leone say a middle aged woman and a supporter of the opposition APC party has been gang raped by 5 men allegedly supporting the ruling SLPP party.

Several women’s rights groups in Sierra Leone have condemed this act of barbarism against an innocent woman.

Also, over 3,000 APC supporters have fled Kono to Masingbi to escape political violence.

“I must say I’m ashamed of how far people can go in the name of party politics” a rights activist said today in Freetown.

“The continued violence and abuse being perpetrated by some supporters of the SLPP against APC supporters and people from the North is unprecedented,” said a police officer.

He said there is fear everywhere and that the perpetration of acts of violence is happening with impunity.

“We will try our best, but to control the situation the SLPP executive must act now to stop the supporters,” he noted, adding that everyone is on edge.

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