Sierra Leone: Alleged SLPP vigilantes attacked and humiliate Appeals Court Judge

By Desmond Bangura

Despite the pronouncement by President Bio that ‘he is a president for all Sierra Leoneans’ after he was sworn into the office, self-styled vigilantes of the SLPP  are now targeting and assaulting public officials.

ACC (1)

Justice Reginald Fynn

Justice Reginald Fynn, an Appeals Court Judge, was on Monday alleged to have been attacked by a group of men claiming to act on the ‘orders from above’ and manhandled out of the vehicle.

Sources said the self-styled vigilantes claimed they were acting on the orders of the ‘Task Force on Vehicles’ which mandates no government vehicle should ply the roads after 6pm.
Sources said Justice Fynn was driving home to his Adonkia Residence when he was stopped and the vehicle taken to the Lu mley Police Station where several vehicles had been taken away from people driving home after work.
Nationwide, activities of the self-styled SLPP vigilantes and some supporters of the SLPP are causing public outcry and prompting efforts by other SLPP supporters to take measures to address the anomaly.
In Kono, east of the country, hundreds of northerners are being pursued by people suspected to be supporters of the SLPP. Most of the victims, among them children, are presently seeking refuge in Masingbi.


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