Sierra Leone: Bio debunks assassination allegation


President Bio: takes responsibility for false assassination claim

President Bio has told military officers that the assassination allegation that was made by his party last week has no iota of truth at the moment, and was a mistake by some of his party members.

During the campaign process for the run-off of the presidential elections between the then ruling APC and the SLPP, supporters of the SLPP reported that a group of soldiers attempted to assassinate their leader. The pronouncement created tension in the city as SLPP loyalists went on the rampage in Freetown and destroying market stalls of traders.

The president took full responsibility and implores personnel whose names were mentioned not to be afraid.

Bio’s pronouncement comes after recent violence in Kenema where a police officer was killed and houses of supporters of the All Peoples Congress party were burnt down.

According to sources in Freetown, the claim made by the SLPP during the elections is one of the reasons that caused the violence in Kenema as members of the SLPP went on the rampage, targetting supporters of the APC and burning down their houses.

Meanwhile, in Makeni, Northern district headquarter of Bombali District, efforts are being made to create a dialogue between supporters of the APC and SLPP. Calm is also reported in Kenema after the president warned SLPP supporters to stop all forms of intimidation and disorderly conduct.



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