Sierra Leone: APC presidential candidate visits Tongo, Kenema District

By Shifu Fadda  

As political campaigns intensify in Sierra Leone the Presidential Candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party, Dr. Samura Kamara, the Presidential Campaign Chairman, Mr.John B Sisay, and other important figures of the APC party on Sunday 18th February 2018 got a tumultuous welcome in Tongo, Kenema District.

APC Team

Dr. Kamara and team in Tongo, Kenema District

Thousands of supporters dressed in APC T-Shirts thronged the streets of the township to welcome the Presidential Candidate of the party. Amidst dancing and singing the crowd showed their love for both the Presidential Candidate and his running mate. Shouting “Tolongbo, All for All” the supporters vowed to vote for the APC in the coming elections. Various sectors of the community praised the APC for bringing development to the District with the improvement of the road infrastructure which now facilitates transportation of goods from villages to the township thereby developing trade.

Dr. Samura Kamara during his visit to Tongo paid a courtesy call on the Chiefdom Speaker Chief Amara Gando in the township as a sign of respect for elders where he met other stakeholders and a huge crowd awaiting him.

In his brief statement, he expressed satisfaction to the Presidential Candidate and party for the respect accorded him and the people of Tongo field and the Chiefdom through this visit. He told the entourage that he endorses the choice of both the Presidential and Running mate by President Koroma. He stressed that the Fullah community is happy for the choice of their own son as the running mate and endorsed him to the Jamaat.

Chief Amara Gando, in his short statement, described the visit of the APC Flagbearer as a  historic event as the would-be the hopeful President is in their midst. He called on all residents in Tongo field to vote for both Dr. Samura Kamara, District Council Chairman, Member of Parliament and Councillors so as to continue the development strides of President Koroma and thanked the entourage for visiting Tongo.

Mr. Bockarie Stevens, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States assured the audience that the APC will clinch most of the seats in the Eastern Province as the party believes in action and not talks only. He admonished voters to collect their voters’ ID Cards from NEC so as to be able to cast their votes for the party.

Speaking to the crowd of supporters at the gathering, amidst thunderous applause, Dr.Samura Kamara reminded all that this election is to empower young people and that Tolongbo originated from there.   He assured of more support to the people of Kenema District. He advised supporters and the general public to stay away from violence, intimating that the only fight should be the ballot box, which is how they vote. Dr. Kamara called on all to stay focus, pay attention to what the party has done and vote overwhelmingly for it to continue the work as there are very good plans ahead which he will bring to the country and vote for the APC, assuring them that Tongo field will be the first to celebrate the APC’s victory.

Leaving Tongo for Kenema, Dr.Samura Kamara was cheered in villages leading to in Mano Junction. The crowd welcomed their favorite candidate in a manner that spells victory for the APC. Some commuters from the East, passing through Mano Junction, were amazed at the turnout and stared in bewilderment and were at a loss for words. Residents were delighted to see the Presidential Candidate of the APC party pay a special visit to the township and they assured the entourage of their determination to vote overwhelmingly for the APC because of the confidence they have in the choice of President Koroma to lead the party to victory in the March 7th election.

In his entourage were, PC Bai Kurr  Kanagbaro Sanka of Konikay Chiefdom, Ambassador Bockarie Stevens, Mrs. Hawa Bah the wife of Hon.

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