We are making a President, not school prefect …says APC Campaign Chairman

By Shifu Fadda

Campaign Chairman for the All People’s Congress Party (APC), John B. Sisay told supporters in Gbamgbaya Community, Imperi Chiefdom – Bonthe District that they should ‘vote in a president and not a school prefect’.

Chairman John B. Sisay, addressing supporters

Chairman John B. Sisay, addressing supporters

Sisay who was speaking during the party’s campaign launch over the weekend pointed out that he is not a stranger to the challenges faced by the people, and assured that in a couple of weeks’ time some of their problems will be addressed.

“APC is the only political party that is capable to transform your lives,” He said and added that Dr. Samura Kamara, the APC Presidential Candidate has the good heart to develop the country when elected as president.

“He is willing to respond to your poverty situation and can respond to your requests to bring development to your lives,” Sisay said.

Isatu Hariette Caulker, Parliamentary Candidate for Constituency 092 predicted that APC will surely win the coming elections and further notes that this will surely transform the lives of people in the constituency.

“Gone are the days when APC refers to the South and East as a top-up. This time we will give our full support,” she assured.

The APC Presidential Candidate, Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara said the incoming APC Administration is mainly for the grassroots. He noted that APC is purely for women and youth, which is why specific development programmes will be implemented to ensure their development.

“The difference between APC and other political parties is that it is a grassroots party. You should vote in the winning team for assured prosperity,” the APC Frontman said, and went on to say the people need careful attention which is why the APC will never forget them.

He admonished those who were not lucky to have an APC symbol to support their comrades carrying party symbols as there are greater opportunities ahead.

Dr. Kamara’s visit to Imperi Chiefdom came after he successfully crisscrossed the riverine communities in Bonthe District. “I saw courageous people who can contribute to economic development. My government will not leave them behind in the development of the country,” he said.


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