APC presidential candidate assures Pujehun District: This is the time for Pujehun to develop under my government

By Fadda Bakish

Presidential Candidate for the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) Party, Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, informed supporters over the weekend in Pujehun that the District has a special place in his heart and he will do everything humanly possible to transform the district.

Dr Samura Kamara

Dr. Samura Kamara addressing supporters

“This is the time for Pujehun to develop under my government,” he assured, noting further that he will bring additional development to where President Koroma’s government has stopped.

“Our manifesto is for the common man not for the rich,” he noted and added that “you should vote for all APC Candidates in your district for greater development in the near future.

The APC Flagbearer ends his successful first visit to the South and East of the country over the weekend where thousands of supporters came out with their local musical instruments, singing and dancing and pledging their support for the party in the coming elections.

Some of the Towns and Villages visited in Pujehun District include Banmdajuma Sowa, Potoru, Pehala, Bumpe Peri, Blama Massaqoi, Massam Kpaka, Sammelan etc.

APC’s Campaign Chairman, John Sisay described Dr. Samura Kamara as a great blessing that requires the support of the people to transform the country.

Melvin Rogers, APC’s Candidate for Pujehun District Chairmanship described the district as a new ground for the APC after the party has successfully implemented lots of development projects that are benefiting the people.

“We want the party to continue with its development activities, which is why we are giving our fullest support,” he revealed.

Rogers, before now was a Senior Journalist working as Station Manager at Radio Wanjei in Pujehun, he served as Assistant Secretary-General in the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) before his defection to the APC where he was awarded the ticket to contest for District Council Chairmanship.

“Since I was born I have never seen such developments from any other government than the APC,” Rogers said, and went on to name good roads, good drinking water, electricity and other development projects implemented by the current government as clear indication that it is only the APC that is capable to transform Sierra Leone.

“Dr. Samura Kamara will definitely have the highest votes from Pujehun District in the South. The APC will surely win the coming elections,” he assured. He went further to state that “With humility, I am the next District Council Chairman in Pujehun. APC gave symbols to the finest families in the district.” He thanked the people for their love and encouragement were given to him and assured them that he will take Pujehun to a glorious level after winning the elections.


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