African Union’s Peace and Security Council urges Kenya to desist from resorting to violence

The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU) has urged political parties in Kenya to desist from resorting to the use of violence as a way of expressing their disaffection over outcome of the elections.

At its 715th meeting held on 30 August 2017, members if the PSC   urged the political parties to make full use of all available legal channels in resolving any election-related disputes.

The Council also commended Kenya, through its national electoral management board for having peacefully conducted the national electoral process held on 8 August 2017. 

Council recalled Articles 3 and 7 (m) of the PSC Protocol providing for the PSC to anticipate and prevent conflicts, as part of its efforts to promote democracy and good governance in Africa.

“Council recognized the fact that the aggrieved political parties in Kenya have resorted to the established legal channels and mechanisms as provided for in the Constitution of Kenya to address contentious issues on the outcome of the election of 8 August 2017.  In this context, Council commended the Supreme Court of Kenya for having seized the matter,” the PSC said in a statement.

The Council further called on all the Kenyan people to unequivocally uphold decisions of the Supreme Court of Kenya on any post-election dispute arising from the elections conducted on 8 August 2017, and demanded that all political actors and stakeholders desist from making irresponsible statements or engaging in actions aimed at inciting violence and destroying the prevailing peace in Kenya.

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