Childhood Cancer music

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Children in low-income countries continue to have worse cancer-related outcomes than those in high-income countries.

Childhood Cancer International, the umbrella organization currently representing 180 parent-led childhood cancer organizations in 90 countries.

On January 11th it launched, the first global initiative where their member childhood cancer organizations join forces to raise awareness.

Rowaca Cancer Group – Sierra Leone therefore called on Governments in Africa to support efforts being made  and prioritise cancer policies.


  1. Cancer is a significant cause of childhood death in developing countries
  2. Childhood cancer is not preventable but is curable in many cases
  3. Treating childhood cancer does not have to be expensive, small investments in services yield big returns in patient life years gained
  4. Optimal diagnosis, treatment and care requires concentration of expertise and resources, supported by a robust referral network
  5. National childhood cancer strategies must be an integral part of all NCCPs and NCD plans

Alpha Bedoh Kamara explaining the burden of cancer in Africa during a class exercise with nursing students in Kissy

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