“Stop Traditional Practices For Now To Stop Ebola”

Traditional healers have stepped-up social mobilization activities in Port Loko District and are urging their colleagues to stop traditional practices for now and focus in the fight against Ebola.

The National Public Relation Officer of the National Traditional Association of Sierra Leone, Mr. Shuaib Idriss Kamara said during an engagement with the District Social Mobilization Committee that people are accusing traditional healers for most of the cases since the outbreak OF Ebola virus disease in the country.
He said they will be monitoring the activities of their members at district and chiefdom level.
“There are about 35000 traditional healers in the country who are registered,” he said, adding that their major challenge is the lack of support from government and nongovernmental organizations.
“We are prepared and ready to complement government’s efforts to eradicate Ebola in Port Loko District,” he said.
The national president of the National Sowe Council of Sierra Leone, Madam Kadiatu Mansaray, said the outbreak in Kailahun district started from one of their members who got the disease from Guinea.
She said through education and sensitization they stopped the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) but then urges government to support them for their livelihood because it is through FGM that they make their income.
“We will continue to stay in Port Loko District until we get to zero Ebola cases,” she said.
The representative of UNICEF, Madam Joy, thanked the National Traditional Association for their intervention in the fight against Ebola, adding that the District Social Mobilization Unit will support their operation.

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