Sierra Leone students say ‘No’ to SLPP plans to plunge Sierra Leone into chaos

The National Union of Sierra Leone Students, which is the parent body for all students/pupils in this country, has observed with avid interest the outpouring of polarised interpretive approaches that follows closely on the heels of the expulsion of Alhaji Sam Sumana from the ruling party and his subsequent removal from the office of the Vice President. As a union, we are deeply concerned about the general disagreement the constitutional interpretation of the provision upon which Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma justified his “relieving” Sam Sumana of his duties has attracted. This is particularly so when such an issue, if not properly handled, has the propensity to derail our democratic credentials.


Inasmuch as section 124(1)(a) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991 clearly and unambiguously gives the Supreme Court original jurisdiction “in all matters relating to the enforcement or the interpretation of any provision of this constitution,” this union calls on all concerned parties to show a sense of law-abidingness while all of us await the interpretation the Supreme Court is going to give to so important an issue.

The public and the international community could recall the union’s instrumental role in the restoration of peace, democracy and the rule of law – a move that claimed the invaluable lives of many students in this country.

The union will not sacrifice its fundamental principles for whatsoever, and we will continue to protect our democracy and promote good governance at all times as enshrined in our NUSS constitution.

We are, therefore, averse to any ploy from any quarter that promises nothing but a complete reversal of the essential building blocks of our democracy.

Being a responsible union, we will not veer away from our responsibility to our membership in a time like this when tempers from certain sections of the populace are rising. We entreat our membership to refrain from any activity that will either amount to a violation of the laws of the land or presents a hindrance to our chances of returning to school. Now that the reopening of learning institutions is nigh, we encourage our membership to apply themselves resolutely to their studies, as this academic year is going to be demanding and short in an unusual manner.

To other members of the public we convey the same message of religious adherence to due process and a revulsion against anything that has the potentials to plunge this country into needless chaos.

Long Live Students’ Unionism!

Long Live NUSS!

Mohamed Sheridan Kamara
NUSS President.
Lansana Daramy, President, MMCE&T
Dominic Lewis, President, IAMTECH.
Mohamed Koroma, President, FTC
Ibrahim Dukuray, President, Eastern Polytechnic.
Charles Dumbuya, President, PLTC.
Sallieu Timbo, President, Northern Polytechnic.
Abdul Razak Mansaray, NUSS Sec General, COHMAS
Osman Bikal kamara, NUSS PRO, FBC.
Fatmata Kamara, chairlady, NUSS Women’s Forum
Abdul Karim kamara, Speaker of the NUSS Parliament- FBC.
NUSS Focal Persons in all Campuses across the Country.

The Honorable Minister of Education Science and Technology.

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